Fine Art Restoration & Conservation

Amphora Fine Art Restoration and Conservation Studio has been a leader in the art restoration world since 1992, bringing life and beauty back to irreplaceable works of art in need of minor repair, or complete and unprecedented restoration.

The artisans at Amphora have the skill and passion to handle the most demanding projects. Our unique experience, innate love of art and design, and appreciation of the priceless sentimental value each piece of art has to its owners help us provide not only superior restoration services, but also a highly personal and thoughtful client experience.

That's why private collectors, and connoisseurs the world over rely on Amphora for their most prized pieces in paintings, ceramics, alabaster, marble, terracotta, and more.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your restoration with you. Initial consultations are provided free of charge, and our prices are remarkably affordable should you wish to proceed.


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